3 thoughts on “*Work, Work, Work.

  1. Looks like great progress. Your boat looks great. BTW, Marney and I found that changing the oil with a “down the dip stick tube/pump” was pretty easy and clean. Maybe the supply has changed but we were able to buy Delo diesel oil in Mexico (Mazatlan, for one place) for reasonable prices. Also, our Mexico cruising boat (our trip was six months because we had to get back to work) was also a center cockpit and we loved the aft cabin, and the varied uses of the poop deck.

    1. Thanks! We have a Reveco Pump plumbed into the oil pan of both engines. It has a Y valve so I can do one or the other. It was really slow and I figure the impeller is about gone. Ordered a new one. The prior owner was using Delos 10/W40 STE. The STE blend is not allowed in Mexico because of some of the additives. I had to go with the Delos Gold instead. Eventually just as good and better adapted to the inconsistencies of the Mexican fuel. Hmmmm, I think I will wait tit San Diego to refuel. I carry 135 gals I haven’t needed to add fuel down there yet.

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