Retiring and Transitioning

Thank you all for the warm congratulations notes on my retirement. Kathleen Erwin will be done as well, in June after the school year concludes.
Thank you also to Deborah Dritz Swanson at Studio 101 West for designing and printing our new Sea Bella boat cards.
After years of planning, our first destination will be Southern California in July. Friends will join us here for exploring Channel Islands and Catalina. We will be in Ensenada in September/October and the Sea of Cortez later in the fall. We will be updating our adventure on FB as well, so search Sea Bella. With modern apps and satellites, anyone will be able to track us on our journey(s) using our MMSI#.

Sea Bella Boat Card

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  1. Congrats and so happy for you.. fair winds and following seas.. or the sense to stay in port when needed 🙂 So happy you are continuing your adventures.. “Make it happen, Cap’n!”

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