Ensenada, time to wait for Hurricane Season to pass.

Mexico!!! Our Ensenada marina is full of anticipation!!
We have been here for about 5 days and the Hotel Coral Marina is full of people waiting to launch…..
So far we have found that there are 3 types of people staying here at the Marina. (Hundreds of boats here)
The first group is the live aboard group from the states that still have a few years to work and dream before launching retirement or ??????? These people work down here or spend weekends and holidays biding their time. Our dock neighbors are one of those and they have a 40ft Catamaran here in Ensenada and they also have a boat in San Diego which they live on during the week. He is from Russia and she is American. They are retiring next year and want to sail south on their Catamaran. Destination is undetermined. This “first group” is the “locals” group and are very established in the Marina.

The second group (the biggest group) is the most recently retired and/or some young(er) families.

This includes us. We are all waiting for November and the end of Hurricane season to head south. Some are working on/preparing their boats, some are managing dock parties and socializing and some play solitaire waiting….
….but all of us are discussing what we plan to do in the next year(s). One couple (wife) is wondering WTF they did and the wife wants to sell the brand new Beneteau 51. She made it clear she HATES the boat (and sailing) and is waiting for hubby to get this out of his system. Lol
Another couple has a 9 year old daughter and will home school her for the next year(s) in Central America.
What is amazing about this second group is that they come from all walks of our society. Some have new boats not knowing how to sail. Some are single men and are following a dream that they’ve had since a child. Some are families with 1-3 children. (We’ve enjoyed watching the young kids), and many are recent empty nesters or retirees waiting to make their dreams happen. This “group two” is full of life!!!!!
Mexico, Caribbean, South Pacific, Japan…. These people dream big.
The third (and smallest) group is the “been there done that” group that have been to Mexico and beyond. Many in this group are taking a break, heading north or waiting to go to the South Pacific once Covid is under control. Group three councils “group two” and tempers everyone dreams with advise on destinations, gear, schedules and Covid managing in foreign countries.

6 more weeks here in Ensenada. Sea Bella is getting hauled out Saturday and we are painting the bottom and tending to some general maintenance.
We listen to “group three” closely, but it sure is fun to hang with “group two”. We have the large anchor(s) and the flexibility of carrying proper canvas in a fresh breeze……
……..but cocktail hour down the dock rings early…daily…and Hussongs and tacos are just down the street.
Like I said, full of anticipation!

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