Boatyard entertainment:

Who let the dogs out…
We are out of the water this week at La Costa Boat Yard. The bottom is getting painted as well as a few other improvements and maintenance items.
Staying on the boat “on the hard” (that’s a boaters way of saying there’s no water beneath us) is a different experience for sure.
We were walking back to the yard Saturday night, just to find two very spry German Shepard’s protecting the yard (thank goodness Poco was there). We are making friends…..slowly…..with BBQ Salmon and crackers…..tossed from up high.

Living above dirt, wrapped in plastic is more like camping in a tent. All our sinks typically drain out to sea, but since there are men painting under us, we dare not use them. We wash hands with baby wipes. I do do dishes in soapy dish pans, afterwards dump it all in a bucket, and carry it down a 15 foot ladder (ducking under plastic), and toss the dirty water out in the side yard. Scott and our buddy Rhet will be mounting the new whisker pole track on front of the mast Friday and then back in the water Saturday! Phew!!

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