Playa Aquacaliente

This beach, which is 30 miles south of Ensenada, MX, has natural hot springs that boil up in the sand at low tide!!!
You dig a hole at low tide and it fills in with super hot water. So hot in fact that you can’t dig too deep or it scalds your feet….quickly. The trick was to dig close to the surf so that the incidental wave would cool your watering hole. Geology at it’s finest.

This group of folks is very quickly becoming a tight group of sailors. All attending the Baja-Haha Rally to Cabo! Friends, families and crew are preparing and waiting for November 1st. Never a dull moment. The kids sure bring the energy to the group.

We also had a random glider come by and give Mike and Leah a thrilling lift. A young Vaquero rode by and observed our fun.

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