“Fishing” it’s not called “catching”

We sailed south from Ensenada to Turtle Bay (Bahia Tortuga) at
17-25 knots with large swells keeping us on our toes. We threw out our lines and must have sailed through a 1 mile long school of Bonita- catching and releasing 46, 12 to 14 inch fish. These are not very tasty so we don’t keep them. I am happy to see them wildly swim off.
The next leg we sailed south 230 miles to Bahia de Santa Maria . The water is just getting warmer and sweat shirts have been packed away. Caught one small tuna and a 3 and 1/2 foot Yellow Tail Tuna! Now this made for some very delicious sushi meals!

For our final leg of the BajaHaha Rally we had 3-4 fishing lines out all day, about 9 hours. A few little hits but nothing to reel in,because “fishing isn’t always catching!”

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