Blessed Boobies Birds

Scott and I had the amazing opportunity to anchor one night at Isla Isabela, an unspoiled natural Bird Sanctuary which was featured in National Geographic and Jacques Cousteau TV shows. One can visit only by small boat, so we felt very lucky!

Just a little island, 1 mile across.

As we sailed, 93 miles south of Mazatlan, we saw tens of thousand sea birds circling overhead this small volcanic island. We noticed the dramatic hardened lava flows on the cliffs. These are perfect little shelves for the nesting booby birds. Once anchored, we paddle boarded to the small beach and hiked to the volcanic caldera, now filled with fresh water for the birds and iguanas (the only largish animals on the island).

Along the beaches we were able to walk right near both blue footed and yellow footed, sweet faced booby birds, nesting on the rocks. They are fearless, since protected.

We walked through the small mangrove forest and quickly were surrounded by Frigates, Boobies, Terns, Noddies, Pelicans, and their nests. We saw numerous mating dances and shows of the magnificent red breasted male Frigate. All these birds are absolutely fearless, since they have been protected since 1981 in a National Park and World Heritage site (and there are no predators).

What a delight, we never expected this treat!

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