Wow, how time flies! Sea Bella has spent most of last last month in Zihuatanejo! While we have recently started our sail back north the memories of our favorite Mexican town will be with us for life.
When we first sailed into the Zihuatanejo Bay, the coastal beauty and our own emotions were almost overwhelming. This being the forth time for Scott and the third time for Kathy, we spent our honeymoon here 11 years ago in a jungle (AirBnB) treehouse over looking our favorite La Ropa Beach. Wow, how this town has changed. The cleanliness of the city, the small town feel (they have been able to keep),and the wonderful food will bring us back many times more. By far the cleanest Mexican town we have seen!!
20 years ago the sailors and cruisers that frequent Zihuatanejo started a fund raiser (Sailfest) to benefit the poorest schools surrounding this city. 2 decades later, these Cruisers and land based Gringos have built entire schools and drive an amazing organization.

Late last year, Kathy and I decided that Sea Bella would participate in this fundraising effort in order to reacquaint ourselves with the city and the cruisers.
Well, our three weeks were filled with making dozens of new friends, eating local authentic Mexican cuisine and hosting over 50 donating guests aboard Sea Bella. Sea Bella even made her race debut in the Sailfest Rally/Race and finished in 2nd place. Woot woot! (Should have had first) 😉
We will be back here for sure next year.
And btw, the cruisers raised over $160,000!!!! Every dime will go to the education of a needy Mexican child. How cool it that!!?? Thank you to those who sent private donations in support of Sea Bella. (You know who you are) 😘
If you were ever to pick a place in Mexico to visit for the first time, only time, or next time, this city in our humble opinion should be the #1 choice.

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