Boat Kids

Hanging out with boat kids and families who cruise is such fun! The energy, curiosity and laughter is quite contagious! Children have a special place in my heart, of course, since I raised 4 kids and taught all ages for 31 years. I am so glad for my diverse career and always reflect with a smile. These last few days on at our calm anchorage, I have been teaching Luca to sew. He asked if he could make a shirt. He also said he really wanted to do it all himself. I happily took the challange. He was the best student ever! Patient, inquisitive, focused, willing, happy, helpful and incredibly polite!

The Arkouda boys: Luca, Kai and Thad. When they sail into a bay their parents Mark and Carli report the boys always excitedly search for Sea Bella and just jump in and swim over to greet us for pretzels and lemonade. Awesome family.

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