Friends Hanging Out, Sea of Cortez

An awesome 4 mile hike with Simplicity and new friends on Flying Free; Kevin and Stacey. We actually met them back home buying a table for the garage at our Chico house. They have 7 adult children and have been enjoying this life for a few years, keeping their boat in Puerto Escondido. Stacey is such fun and still works, teaching English at Cuesta College remotely on Starlink. Kevin is a happily retired CHP officer from Morro Bay. Scott has been spearfishing with him, catching Cabrillo grouper.
Playing sunset bocce ball is a hit, we invited a few locals to join us.
New friends and neighbors for a week on little sailboat, Wings. Fred and Judy who have been around the world and liveaboards for 35 years. Off season they do the beer can races out of Puerto Vallarta. Mike and Leah learned a lot and shared some good stories.
The boater kids meet up with the local kids and find a common interest of beach volleyball. Not much communication but a ton of fun!
Potluck fish bbq is fun for all after a good day of spearfishing, hiking, snorkeling, paddleboarding and napping9. Red Rocks of Bahia Los Gatos reminded us all of Lake Powell and the mesa’s of Utah.
New Kid boat friends on Foreigner, Captain Musick and Auryn. Regular beach parties in Agua Verde were a hit. A favorite spot for sure!
Daily yoga lead by either Chrissy or Kathy. Agua Verde was the perfect setting for a gentle 1 hour wake up exercise. This was a break for all the boater moms too. From the left: Ingrid, Chrissy, Carli, Leah, Kathy, Dorothy, Stacey, and Beth.
New kid friend Ella on the boat Nike. She is in heaven enjoying watermelon, a very uncommon fruit on the Baja. Happy Luca and Dannika.

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