V Cove, Sea Of Cortez

One of our favorite anchorages, to date! Its called V Cove on Isla Carmen. This cove has the best of everything! The caves on both rock cliffs are such fun to snorkle into, I even spotted a colorful lobster yesterday.

Caves make for fun gargling sounds, the water rushes in and out, so loud that we can hear it from our boat, lulling us to sleep. These cliffs are 20-35 feet high and just as deep underwater. Makes for fun cliff jumping.

We have also awoken to dolphins coming to feed on the bait ball, typical in this cove, and a few others nearby. We have identified about 4 kinds of dolphins, but the most common, of course is the Common Bottlenose.

Note, there are no waves in the Sea of Cortez, so most anchorages are easy to dingy up onto the beaches.

We found a little brown pelican with fishing line wrapped around its beak, we lured it over with a little sardine and our friend Mike caught him. Another friend, Mark, cut off the tangle and set him free.

However, he decided we were his new best friends, so he hung out near us all week, saying thank you!

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