5 most Commonly found Plants in Baja, California

Cardon Cactus, reaching 19 meters high and living more than 100 years, is prolific here on the Baja Peninsula. The fruit was eaten by the indigenous Indians of this area, but it only produces fruit at 50 years old, kind of rough for any farming.

Agave; common to North America and Mexico- is also referred to as Century Plant. It flowers, usually with a tall spike with yellow blossoms like below, but only after 15 to 25 years. Then it dies.
These are fascinating plants dead or alive. The Sonora Jumping Cholla; seen all over at about hundred feet above sea level. These strange looking plants got their name from the small ball like barbed cactus piece they drop. Many hiker friends of ours have been “jumped” by this cacti/ball, needing a pair of needles to remove the thorns.
Elephant Tree; they only seem to grow a few feet tall, but can be as tall as 25 feet. These are shorter on the Baja, probably for wind protection. Cream colored flowers with pink in the center blooms in May, depending on moisture. A town along the Baja reported no rain in a few years.
Dwarf Morning glory; its rare to find one with a bloom, as its so dry here.

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