Wonders of Bahia De Los Angeles, Mexico

We witnessed the best, epic day of snorkeling with the whale sharks!  These docile, gentle giants hang out in the late afternoons when the light shows their dinner, which is microscopic plankton. Lucky for us all, they don’t mind snorkelers touching them. They summer here in 85 degree waters of the northern Sea of Cortez, Bahia De Los Angeles. Then head south to La Paz in the winter months.

The amazing assortment of sea life has been beyond our expectations.
Below is a surface shot of the Whale Sharks. We videoed these underwater with a GoPro 4 my Dad Ashley Erwin gave us a few years ago.
Swimming with the Whale Sharks are common and does not endanger the Shark at all. Scott actually rode along while holding the dorsal fin of one.

We also experienced the full moon  fun ride down the rapids! There is a lagoon   that is nearly a mile long and a foot deep at low tide.. high to low tide).

However, its not all fun and games. Most days are pleasantly hot at 92 degrees, but some days, and nights are blistering hot at 103 with 80% humidity.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be inside your convection oven? 25 knot 100+ degree winds off the Baja.
Ooh yeah…..Thank God the Tecate is cold. We don’t get westerlies like this very often.

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