Yes, I admit, I am a Bird Lady

Yellow crowned night heron

Traveling nearly 3,000 miles along the coastal regions of the Baja and Mexican Mainland, I have enjoyed my search for new birds, both on and off the water.

Blue footed Boobie

Besides noticing the numerous typical sparrows, wrens, hummingbirds, pigeons, finches, jays, hawks, cormorants, pelicans, vultures, gulls…. I have also photographed and recorded hundreds of other birds over the last year. I have found the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Merlin App very helpful.

Majestic Frigate

I have enjoyed identifying my birds along with learning feeding habits, behaviors, sounds, and breeding.

Jalisco Hummingbird

The photo identification below is a partial screenshot from my Merlin App for anyone who is interested.

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