Life Sucks, headed to Surgery in La Paz.

Good thing love keeps it all together.

On to the next adventure…..
…..screeeccchhhh….. (imagine the sound of a needle running across a record)
Well yes, everything is an adventure. Even waking up at 6am and talking a panga ride 10 miles across the bay to an awaiting Bus that will drive you 6 hours to a doctor.
Medical care when you are traveling in remote locations isn’t the easiest to deal with but we try hard to prepare ourselves for whatever comes our way(you should see our med kit)!
In this case I am in need of a CT scan on a stubborn Kidney Stone. I will spare you the details of this PTSD causing ailment but the medical facilities in this case are hundreds of miles away and possibly thousands of miles for treatment if needed. Will fly back to Loreto, taxi back to the panga dock and speed back to Sea Bella.

The other problem today comes from our trusty diesel engine. The fuel pump diafram has failed and has allowed diesel fuel to enter the crank case. This is why my dipstick shows twice as much oil as necessary. I had a new fuel pump in my spare parts but the fuel line was bad and needs to be replaced as well. So on my return from La Paz I will bring pack parts and fresh oil.

The point of this post is that it may look like we have fun everyday, drink margaritas and watch beautiful sunsets but in fact……it is only a part of what we do. This life is work. We have seen many cruisers struggle with this “boating” life decision and some have regretted it. Many have sold homes, poured life saving into a boat and then found that the difficulties of living without extended family, the local store, medical care, Costco etc.etc. are not desirable.
Some find that the everyday maintenance of a boat is beyond their skill sets. Electrical, diesel, rigging, watermakers and Nav electronics are all huge systems (even on a new boat) that need daily maintenance or care. Very few people are here to help you with these things and you need to be as self sufficient as possible.
Don’t believe all YouTube Videos as the Cruising life isn’t always filled with sexy bikinis and sunshine. Most of us don’t look (as) good in Bikinis anymore and sunshine should be avoided due to skin problems. Lol

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