La Paz, Mexico

Scotts Dad Ashley ended his fun cruising visit. They had a blast, doing all the special things of this cruising life.

Our good friend Rhett flew down from San Diego to assist in the cleaning up, repairing, and updating a little Islander 32. A friend wasn’t able to keep her any longer, so Scott, Rhett and I fixed her up and sold her all within 3 weeks.

Congratulations Bill Hetzel! A brand new sailor that bought a very special boat. Scott is flipping boats again?!?! (Some habits die hard)
We were happy to find this vessel (in La Paz Mexico) had very good bones and the previous owner had done some amazing upgrades to the motor and electrical systems. It’s been three weeks of hard work and yard time but this 1964 Islander now has maybe a few more decades left.
SV Island Girl is an amazingly surefooted Bluewater boat which has been back and forth to Hawaii. I could not believe how comfortable she was under sail.

Before we knew it Nov 20 came along. Mexican Revolution Day, an annual holiday on November 20, marking the start of what became the Mexican Revolution.

The Liberal Army General; Díaz was overthrown and enprisoned, after 35 years as President of Mexico. In 1910 President Modera was elected and he called all Mexicans to rise up and “Recover your rights as free men and women of Mexico.” Big day around La Paz.

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