Waiting for weather in Mexico

What do you do when you’re waiting on a weather window?
-Finish provisioning (what’s a sailor without grog?)
-Kathy’s canning good stuff
-Saying good bye to GREAT friends on Ave Marina.
-Kathy is brushing up on her skipper skills in Tenacatita on Rest a Whiles Tiwal. Thanks Mark and Denise!
-Down load new Sat photo charts of Tuamotos
-and SV Finally , finally delivers our new Asymmetrical spinnaker today!!!!!! Finally!

Hurry up….and wait…maybe mid march.
While California continues to see a pounding of weather and shows slow signs of developing typical seasonal high pressure system offshore, we continue to wait in Mexico for enough wind to blow us to the trade winds which will deliver Sea Bella to French Polynesia.
The two weather locations are related as we continue to learn more about global weather and how we move about the globe.
We could jump now but doing so might extend our crossing time by days, even weeks if we chose unwisely. Also, the swell coming from the north (Thank you California) could make a slow passage very rolly and uncomfortable.
So, we currently sit with friends in the beautiful bay of Carrizal and wait.…….
……maybe for days or weeks.
(FYI, we hope the total passage will be less than 21 days +- 3 days)? 🙂

Sea Bella has a new non-carbon producing, eco-friendly engine, a big and beautiful asymmetrical spinnaker. Using technology that’s been around for thousands of years! Thank you to Mike at PV Sailing for completing this project.

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