Pac Voy-The First 3 Days

The water is so much bluer 2 miles deep! The stars are so brilliant and use up the entire sky, right down to the horizon!

Such a slight breeze all morning, going only between 2 about 3 knots. Very little swell, clear skies and water and air temps at about 80 degrees. No sealife, birds or boats to be seen. We dont want to put a hand line in the water until we have room in the freezer or fridge for a fish.

Activities of the day: quickly made fried eggs, avocados and tortillas at 7am before we started healing again, watered new basil plants, screwed down leaky skylight in vbirth, made new dynema spinnaker bow soft shackle, hung up sheets for shade, and noticed the thousands of string of pearl jellies.

The lack of wind the first two days has been biggest frustration. We even decided to motor an hour here and there, not good. Definitely not making the miles we had hoped but doing better this morning. The first night was a drift fest with 0 wind and 3-5 foot seas. That does not bode well for sleeping.
Last night we had a steady 5-7 knots and it made for a good night. I actually told Kathy that we had a calmer night underway than we’ve had at anchor in front of La Cruz. Ha
We are planning on sailing out to about Clarion and heading southwest. It might have been light the on the way out but we will definitely have a sled ride south after Wednesday.
We have also both given up on any alcohol consumption for the passage. Many cruisers will have a beer or so but we decided it would be good for us. May be the longest I’ve gone without an adult beverage since college!! 😝
We are on the SSB twice a day talking to many. Super fun to keep up with others and still having fun with an upgraded radio I picked up in Barra.
Only about 20 days remaining!!!! Lol
See the notes below the pics for more information. You can always find us on our Predictwind Tracker and we will post here occasionally if Starlink permits.

Kathy’s fix it plan to all things that go bump in the night.
New little hobby
Delicious Pizza
Communing with the dolphins

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