Pac Voy, Days 9-11

Day 9: We’re amazed at Sea Bella and how many miles she has taken us in the last 24 hrs, 181km! She loves the sailing conditions. And now only 770 km to the equator, woop, woop. We needed to run the generator a few hours today. When its overcast, our solar panels can’t keep up, batteries need charging. Making water is much quicker since we replaced the 8gal/hr system with a 40gal/hr one. However, a water hose that was next to the generator (which we hardly ever use) leaned into a belt and caused a hole….., so head down into the engine room to replace the piece of hose before we spray too much water all over the engine room.  Not a fun place to be when its rolley.
Kathy did a quick stainless wipe down of the sea salt, as it creates rust spots very quickly. Scott did a spot check on foredeck for any chaffing, all good except a rubbed spot on our Genoa sheet. Kathy did quick inventory of fruits and vegs=about 1/2  left, but most looking a bit sad. Banana bread is on the list for tomorrow,

How many sleeping locations and positions do we try before we just give up and go listen to audible or watch a movie? Well… on rolly seas, on a slight port tack, its best to wedge yourself somewhere starboard. However, which way, head to stern? Which side? Belly or back? Cockpit or cabin? Nothing really stops you from sliding 3 inches, back and forth either way you lay. Kathy tried a few new positions that didn’t work, one is feet flexed on starboard hull to keep from sliding down. She made 2 perfect beds in the cockpit last night, then it started raining! AGGG! Not complaining here, just saying.

Btw, the Banana nut raisin muffins turned out scrumptious! Scott learned about using radar for upcoming precipitation, how and where we will enter the northern edges of the ITCZ in 3-4 days.
-How can there be so many birds out here? And why are they fighting above us.

  • Damn! This ocean is big.
    -Will the rain wash the poop off the sail?
    -How can I see the next squall coming? That was really spooky at 2am.
    -Are we out of Vegetables yet? I knew I was giving up on Alcohol but man Kathy is trying to make me a vegetarian. (Have to use them all up).
    -600 miles to the Equator
    -175 miles covered yesterday
    -water is 82 degrees
  • we are Paralleled to Nicaragua
    -It’s getting warmer and more humid
    -almost direct below San Luis Obispo
    -3 days with no sun makes Sea Bella grumpy
    -The water below us is over 13,000 feet deep.
    -Starlink is Badass
    -everything in every cabinet is a scramble.
    -we are loving every moment.
    -people help people and cruisers are cool!
Us and our friends, who we don’t see with our eyes, only with tools and ssb

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