Pac Voy-Final Leg-20 days

20 full days at sea.

Land Ho!!!!!
There are no words…..

COUNTDOWN, only 1 left and 157 km till Landfall in Tahuatu, Marquesis, French Polynesia.
Our Pacific Ocean crossing was more than a journey from one place to another. This huge adventure tested our skills, wits, limits, patience, boat, bodies, and friendship. I personally have never been so challenged, but mainly in my kitchen. Daily I was assaulted by my very own ingredients, cookware and utencils. When the butter suddenly slips across the countertop and lands on my barefoot, swearing always occurs. So, I am proud to say I managed quite well, in spite. The galley floor, stove and walls did not however, and, not much cleaning occurs out here on the rockin’ rollin’ Sea Bella.

This experience challenged us in ways we never knew and brought us even closer together (haha quite literally). I feel so blessed to have such a great partner in our dream. Scott is such a competent and skilled Captain of our sailing home and vehicle. He has been so caring to me, as I fumble through meals, sail changes and night watches. As quiet as it was for us from time to time, I am glad we didn’t bring on crew, as that would have interfered with some wholesome closeness. It is with bittersweet emotion that our 21 day passage comes to an end tomorrow evening.

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