Sailing and Scuba in Fakarava, so amazing!

Here are a couple of scenes from Fakarava South Pass. We scuba dove daily for 4 weeks. Snorkeling too. Its so beautiful here with 85 degree temperatures and 80 degree waters. July is in the winter months here at about latitude 17 degrees south of the Equator. Rainy season is French Polynesian Summer, but still beautiful and warm. But, look out for Cyclones in December through March in the South Pacific Islands.

But what was really exciting were the SHARKS!!

Snorkeling with Danika on our buddy boat Simplicity

Tahiti is next. Look for beautiful Island photos and posts about Heiva, the fantastic annual Cultural Festival.

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  1. We are sure enjoying all of your travel pics. We are heading to Fiji in October, then on to NZ & Australia. Will you be close to Fiji around the 22nd-25th?

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