Boat work in Tahiti, Marina Taina

Boat work in Tahiti :
-Repair Generator (Diodes) (lightning)
-Mast repair (Vang Bracket)
-Transmission Clutch
-Replumb boat freshwater system to Pex
-Repair Tohatsu (ignition system)(lightning)
-New Anchor Chain

Whoa! What a two weeks on the dock. Sea Bella went under the microscope and the knife as we needed to address some of the deferred maintenance.
Cruising isn’t all sunsets and cocktails. A good rule of thumb is the maintenance on a cruising boat can cost an average of 10% of the boat value. We got off pretty easy the last two years but we definitely spent some $$s this time.
Some of the items on our list was due to damage we encountered by a lightning strike that happened about a hundred yards from us on shore. Diodes fried in our generator, battery operated fans, B&G wind instruments including the wire in the mast and the ignition coil in the outboard motor, all fried. Crazy as the boat did not take a direct hit.
These are all the items we checked off the list! We even made it to the dentist and dermatologist, all good!

-New Snubber (backup)
-Two new dock lines (2 chaffed through on the concrete dock we were on)
-Oil Change Perkins
-Sand/revarnish Freezer lid
-Spare Genoa Halyard
-Replenish Dyneema reserves
-Anchor Depth markers
-Repair/replace fans (1 lightning)
-Clean/Lube port staysail winch
-New furler for Staysail
-Repair Dinghy Chaps
-New Canvas for forward dodger
-New phone for Kathy (old one didn’t like the saltwater bath)
-Find/repair all deck leaks (about 3-4)
-Rebed 2 cabin port holes (more leaks)
-New Faucet in main galley
-R&R counter top

-Sand/repair varnish hatches
-Repair/replace port water tank level sensor
-R&R multiple wood finish in cabin
-Launder all cushion covers inside and cockpit
-Replace Watermaker timer
-Food Provision for next 6 months
….and dozens of small stuff to small to list

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