Hobie Cat Sailing Adventures.

Our sailing as a couple began around 2010 with Scott teaching Kathy how to sail. Reflecting back on Scott’s college days, he always gravitated back to Hobie Cats. While not very competitive on Hobie Cat 16s in the 1990s, soon learning to sail competitively on Hobie Cat 18s and 20s. In 2019, this couple have raced and competed in over 65 Regattas, 6 national Championships, and have supported Fleets, Division and youth Sailing. Racing in 4 states and 2 countries. Including lakes, rivers, oceans and bays.

What was started was teaching Hobie Cat sailing, but it built love of sailing, travel friendship and so much more…..life……

What else?

-Buying and selling over 50 beach cats (illness and obsession really)

-Learned how to splice line, repair fiberglass, apply gelcoat and make rigging.

-Learned how to sponsor and organize regattas and events.

-Work at a national level managing one design fleets

-Work with local Yacht Clubs to support racing, youth sailing and local outreach to increase sailing programs.

-Learned about managing sail shape, boat speed, on coarse racing rules and safety.

-Heavy weather sailing on small boats like Hobie Cats. (We have seen crazy wind and seas on these small cats).

As far as a community, the Hobie Cat Way of life has been a wonderful family experience. Please follow and reshare the events, stories and pictures in this blog.

San Francisco Bay, Ca (Round TI Regatta)
Huntington Lake, Ca (2018 H20 National Championships)
Cascade Locks Oregon (2015 H18 National Championships)
Our girls, Hope and Montana
Our home; Avila Beach, Ca
Ahhhhhhh….our 2020 Vison
Chase and Tom
Kathy! Get down here and help me get this boat back over!

Stud! Can handle anything…..