Our “2020 Vision” Story

The Vision! We knew what we wanted since 2010. We even put it out there so that everyone knew our goals and dreams. 2020 was the year we sail and explored California waters. Now We took off Cruising into retirement August 2021 and the next phase of our life. (Retirement sounds so wrong at this young age. We just like to say we are choosing not to work anymore).
Someone once said “Speak it into the world and it will be so” it’s TRUE!
We went so far as to name our Hobie 20, “2020 Vision”. With sails to match, we were focused on making our adventure(s) happen.
Hobie, Division 3, Fleet 259, San Luis Yacht Club and Morro Bay Yacht Club are all part of our family.
I can’t speak highly enough about the sailing communities we have been involved with. These are Local, State and International friends we will have for life.
If you have the desire to cruise or sail, GET INVOLVED WITH YOUR LOCAL SAILING ORGANIZATIONS.
There is nothing like the local resources. You need them and they need YOU.